Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Movie Junkie - The Last Song

Before I begin, I'd just like to say I am hanging onto life by a very, very thin, fragile thread right now - alright, I'm exaggerating, but The CSI: New York Finale is eating at me as we speak. 3 months is a very long time. I don't think I'll be able to take it if Danny or Lucy Messer dies. Without Danny, I'm not Messer Girl. And Lucy...oh Lucy, so young, so innocent, so adorable. Oh my heart.

So on to the review, I'll try my best not to get sidetracked.

If she plays her cards right, this won't be Miley Cyrus' last song. The girl's got talent, but it's still needs work. I'll give her an unbiased thumbs-up for giving her best to portray an angry, rebellious 17-year-old, but there's room for improvement in the 'Drama' department. Knowing Nicholas Sparks, I had already predicted, although not having read the book yet, that her father was going to die. There were certain moments that should've moved me to tears but it just wasn't enough. Her character was much more complex than what she had portrayed her to be, but all in all, she didn't do too bad. She hid her Southern accent fairly well too.
 Her leading man, meanwhile, stood not-so bad looking himself. Not drop-dead-oh-my-fruity-goodness gorgeous, but not bad, not bad. His acting didn't have much of an impact on me either. Put it this way, if he were a cup of coffee, he'd be very bland. On a lighter note, I can definitely see why Cyrus couldn't resist dating him. This boy can kiss! I could feel all that passion when he swooped down and kissed her.
As for the plotline, as with any movie adaptation of a novel, the novel will always be better. I was just disappointed that it was all to easy to predict. I like to be surprised when it comes to tragic endings - which I am a huge fan of when it comes to MOVIES - TV series are a completely different story.
Broken family, a terrible relationship with Dad, fall in love, relationship with Dad mends, Dad gets cancer, dies.
The good part of it, is that the scenes didn't drag on too long and they used music to piece the whole thing together. I may be hopeless on the piano but I know well to appreciate a good piece and the movie score was simply beautiful.
Story: B-
Acting: C+
Direction: B-
Visuals: C
Average: C+

- Messer Girl

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  1. It's a very typical Sparks novel storyline haha! I, an avid Sparks fan, say so myself. I read the book and I definitely refuse to watch the movie. And then I read on the tabloids that Miley Cyrus even thought she should take some acting classes after watching the premiere of The Last Song so I was allthemore convinced that I was gonna be upset haha!

    I didn't picture Miley as Ronnie anyway and I don't like it when the movie doesn't play it out right. I'm picky that way. haha!